A typical water damage may involve extracting water, removing padding,
removing base molding, applying an anti microbial, and leaving drying
equipment to dry the structure and its contents. Some cases may need
walls and ceilings opened, and carpet removed. Each water damage is
different and it depends on the amount of water, the category of water,
and how long the area has been wet to determine the best restoration
process for each job. In most cases the drying equipment remains on
the job for typically three days, however some structures may take
longer to dry. We determine if the area is dry by returning to take
moisture readings and check the humidity in the effected area. Once all
areas are dry, we remove the equipment and proceed to the next step.
Stress Free Restorations technicians will evaluate the loss and see
what procedure works best for that particular situation.
Water Damage Restoration
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Water Damage

Water and moisture can be extremely detrimental to structures and
belongings. Water can move within a structure to locations far from the
point of intrusion and unless detected and treated, it can cause both
immediate structural damage as well as damage over time to both
structure and indoor environment.
Stress Free Restorations can quickly detect the extent of the damage
and recommend the best procedure for restoration.