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Pack - Out / In - Services
A pack out is an industry term for removing items from your property and taking them to a secure
facility, or to a storage pod on your own property
.Sometimes it may be necessary to move contents
out of a fire/ water damaged building to prevent further damage to personal belongings and/or to
make repairs. We can do this in two different ways. The first way is by cleaning,deodorizing,packing/
wrapping all contents. We can then either stage the items in a area that was not damaged, or move
into storage pods on the property.  These pods can be transported to a temporary home if need be. If
there is no room for pods we can move the contents to a climate controlled storage facility until they
are ready to be brought back.
   If pack out service is required we conduct a detailed inventory of your property before carefully
packing and taking it to the storage facility. We document all contents with photos and a detailed prior
conditions checklist before removing  anything from your home.
 Then Stress Free Restoration will store your items until it is time to return them to your dwelling.
We can then up-pack, post clean all contents and set all the rooms up the way they were prior to the
Below is an example of contents that were cleaned, wrapped, packed and deodorized. These contents below were
moved from damaged area's and placed in a stagging area inside the house. Once all the repairs were completed they
were then unwrapped, un-boxed, recleaned, then set back up in the rooms where they belong.