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Mold Remediation
Mold remediation is another field that we excel in. We offer this
service as well and at times we may be required to call in a sister firm
to help us with this problem. Our technicians are trained to remove
and remediate any mold problem that may arise. We have state of the
art equipment to use on mold jobs as needed, including air
scrubbers/negative air, ice blasting, sealing and removal. We
recommend a private testing firm prior to and after all work is
complete on all our remediation jobs. That firm will check the air and
the surfaces of all areas that are in question. Stress Free
Restorations utilizes professionals in the industry with the same high
quality of customer service, standards,  and dedication as we have.
24 Hr. Emergency Service
It is becoming more apparent that the quality of the air in our homes
and places of employment can have an effect on our health. Mold and
fungus growing in our wall cavities can be the source of headaches
and allergies. For mold and mildew to grow several conditions must be
in place, one of which is the presence of moisture. We have
associates that work with us to determine and investigate the
problems, and we will be happy to recommend steps to take care of it.