Seeing your house or business burn can be the most traumatic
experience of your life. We will do our best to work with you and your
insurance company to return your home or business to the condition
it was in/or better, prior to the fire. We will guide you on how best to
save your belongings, whether it is a question of a family heirloom,
important documents, computers, etc. A fire can involve many aspects
of the restoration process. We at Stress Free Restorations have over
30 yrs experience in this field.
Fire, Smoke, and Odor may cause alot of damage. The odor alone is a
hard problem to deal with unless you are properly trained and have
the right chemicals and equipment to clean up the problem. We at
Stress Free Restorations are well trained to clean all the areas
affected including ceilings, walls, windows, woodwork, floors,
carpets, furniture, and all bric- a-brac.  We offer thermo fogging and
ozone methods to remove strong odors. Detailed cleaning is our
speciality in all areas of smoke, fire, puff-back, and odor related
losses. Duct cleaners and dry cleaners are also used on jobs that
call for that trade. Some losses may require packing out of the home,
we are experienced in this area well, and offer this service too.
Fire/Smoke/Odor Restoration
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